Homeschoolers Young Writers Workshop – Grades 2-5

A collaborative story-writing workshop that brings out the best imagination!  Students work together to collaborate on a story and then put it into pictures.  The results are always amazing and something they are proud of!

Cost: 3-6 students @ $20 each / 7-12 students @ $15 each.

To request more information, or to book your workshop, please use the Workshop Booking Request link.


Classroom Workshops

Customized workshops are available to suit the needs of each class. All workshops support various components of the British Columbia Ministry of Education English Language Arts Curriculum Competencies for every grade level.

  • Please use the Workshop Booking Request to inquire about pricing for school workshops.

  • All Workshops are customizable and include learning components.

  • Contents will differ for elementary, middle and secondary grades.

  • Workshops include a read of the book by the Author, a Q&A session, and optional book-signing (copies of the book must be pre-purchased)

  • Workshops are limited to maximum 2 classes of students per workshop.

To request pricing information, or to book your workshop, please use the Workshop Booking Request.


Elementary School Workshops: Kindergarten – Grade 5

  • Sharing experiences to create story ideas
  • Recognizing structure of a story
  • Active listening and storytelling
  • How stories help us learn
  • Using language in creative ways

Middle School Workshops: Grades 6-8

  • How stories connect us to the world
  • Understanding the meaning of stories
  • Character and plot development
  • Sentence structure and grammar
  • How stories influence us

Secondary School Workshops: Grades 9-12

  • Exploring literary elements of a story
  • Understanding the writing process
  • Questioning relevance and purpose of stories
  • How illustrations add meaning to a story
  • Writing as a career choice